Saturday, January 11, 2014

House Cleanse: Day 1 Goodbye Extra Bedding

So I have a lot of stuff. As in a absurd amount, that takes up way to much room, and basically is stressing me out. I moved last month and that gave me a wakeup call that I don't need this much stuff. But you know what getting rid of it is really difficult. I am constantly thinking, what if I need it eventually? I don't want to buy something that I already have. This cleanse is an attempt get rid of that mentality and make life slightly simpler.

Day 1 consists of me getting  rid of all of the extra bedding I have. This means I am giving away the following:

Throw pillows (I did keep three, two for my bed and one for my reading chair).
European sized pillows that I needed for my old comforter set. (I have decided that even if I get a new comforter that has European Shams I am not going to use them. They just end up on the floor by my bed).
Several sets of full sized sheets (I have a queen bed why in the world am I keeping the wrong size sheets?)
My comforter set from my sophomore/junior year of college (I have since had two other comforters and was keeping it just in case).
Several blankets
Some blue sheer curtains that matched my old comforter.

All of this will be donated to my local non-profit thrift store.

So far I am feeling good about this. We shall see how the rest of it goes!

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