Monday, April 13, 2015

Wind In My Hair: A quick table fan makeover

My bedroom gets hot, hot, hot! It's west facing windows let in great natural light but also keep the temperature fairly high for a good part of the year. Like most rental houses in Northern California, we don't have air conditioning. During the summer months, I lug out my large portable air conditioner but what about all of the in between times? Spring and Fall and the warm Winter days? For these days, I have to have a little table fan.

BUT...they are sooo ugly. This old white fan has gotten me through some very hot days but it is such an eyesore. Then I saw this great fan on Amazon but at $100 it wasn't going to happen.

So enters my cheap-o brain and I decided to makeover the one that I have. After a quick trip to the hardware store I came back with a can of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint (affiliate link).

I then wiped down my old fan really well. It was pretty gross but I would do it even if your fan in brand new just to get any oils or dust off.  Next you will want to disassemble the fan and tape off the mechanical areas (the doodad that the blades go on and the cord). Then go at it with the spray paint.

When I first started using the paint I was having trouble getting it to come out evenly. But with a little trial and error, I figured out you have to hold at a very specific angle. Other than that the painted was really easy to use. Two light coats should be enough to cover up the original color. Once dry, reassemble and let the wind blow through your hair!

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  1. This looks great! I honestly never thought that a fan could look so good! Maybe I'll have to redo some of our old fans.