Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barefoot and Crazy

With spring almost upon us and the Colorado weather teasing us with several beautiful days my mind has natural turned to when it will be even nicer. I long for lazy summer days and crazy summer nights. In an attempt to prepare myself for the summer (I know it is several months away still but I really can't wait!) I made a  beach bag. I used Lily's Sugar and Cream cotton yarn and the pattern for this hobo bag from Sarahndipities.  It is an easy pattern to follow and works up really quickly. I made one change though. Instead of sewing the strap to the bag I used five or six single crochet stitches to attach it. I feel that this is makes it slightly more secure.

I also decided to dye the yarn with tea. The yarn was an off-white with colored strips but I didn't particularly like it so I made it slightly darker. I brewed two tea family sized bags and then added enough water to submerge all of the yarn. Wet the yarn first and the place in tea. The longer you let the tea brew or leave the yarn in the tea the darker the color will be.

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