Monday, March 12, 2012

Green is the Color of Spring

WOW. I cannot believe how crazy last week was. Between my internship, work and attempting to get stuff done around the house I have barely had time to stop and breathe.  Every moment that I have had free has been spent out side in the beautiful weather we are having. That's right spring is here in Colorado. Typically this is not my favorite season; I hate how spastic the weather is right now. On Tuesday it was 70 degrees, Wednesday down to 30 and Thursday in the high 50s. I am of the mindset if it going to be cold then just let it be cold. Don't tease me with beautiful weather. However, I am defintly taking advantage of the nice days to be outside, playing with the pooch.

The nice weather has also been inspiring some spring crafts in beautiful pastel colors.  I have been working on several different projects and look to see these spring projects (as well as few winter ones I have been working on as well).

Here is my latest crochet project. A crocheted yoga mat holder. This was an incredibly fast project to make because it is my beloved granny square sequence again. A few other granny square projects can be see here and here.

 I used Sugar'n Cream Lime Stripes yarn that I bought on sale at Michaels for $5 for 4 skeins. I would defintly suggest using a cotton yarn for this pattern as opposed to an acrylic one. I just feel that it is a little more durable.

The pattern for this bag can be found here

The pattern suggested knitting and icord but I don't really knit so I crocheted one instead. This tutorial explained how to crochet one very well (although it was still the hardest/most time consuming part of the project).

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