Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shark Attack Hobo Bag

I picked up this teal Caron Simply Soft yarn ages go because it is the exact color the teal on my San Jose Sharks Jersey but I haven't been sure what I wanted to make from it. I had started several different scarves but none of them felt right. a couple of weeks ago I came across this pattern for a bag and completely fell in love with the texture. I actually am very infatuated with the basket weave pattern as you can see in my here, in my Snow Day head band.  I hate all the extra decoration on the pattern a decided to keep it simple (like the sharks need to do with their hockey game!) The pattern is really simple to follow and once you start it goes pretty quickly.

The bad did end up turning out bigger than I thought it would especially once I put  a few books in it and stretched it even longer. However, I love big bags so I don't really care.  I did make the handles slightly longer than the pattern calls for.

I finished the bag while watching the Sharks/Flames game last night and therefore had to model it while I was in my Jersey. Since I live in Colorado, I don't get to watch many games and only get to wear my jersey a few times a year. Therefore, I when I do get the chance to wear it, I do!

It is a good thing I finished the bag in the first period before the game got to stressful otherwise I would probably still be working on it.

Now the big question is: What should I make next?

I took this picture of Kingston and just had to share. Isn't he so cute!

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