Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Somebody's Hero

Today is my Mama's birthday and I just wanted to share some special pictures with everyone. My Mama is such a special person. She loves her family more than life itself and is willing to fight for them. Life has not always been easy but she has survived, teaching me and my brother how to be strong adults. So much of who I am is because of her. She has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and supported me the entire way. For this I cannot thank her enough.

Happy Birthday Mama! I love you!!

Mama, Grandma June and Aunt Treasa 

Mama and Aunt Treasa. Same red hair as when they were little

She is finally a Grandma

Sometimes she is a little crazy but I still love her

She loves to fish.

Always there to support me

A Mama and Nana

Our family cleans up pretty well

Yep, we are Oklahoma Sooners

Mama is on the left.  This picture was taken before I was born while Mom was still in college.

Camping with Friends. 

For a Redhead she tans better than almost anyone I know. 

For one summer she also go to be a host Mom to Akari.

This was the first Christmas after Levi joined the Army, December 2000.

On a trip to Denver with good family friends the Mariah and Marsha Ross

Last Fourth of July in Arizona

Mama, Uncle Carl, Grandma June, Uncle Robert and Aunt Treasa

Mama (on the right)  is younger than I am now in this picture. Isn't she beautiful. My Aunt Treasa, Grandpa and Great Grandma are also in the photo. 

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