Friday, May 4, 2012


Ahhh, I finally done with my spring cleaning/organizing!!! It took me forever but I am so glad I did it. Here is how everything looks!

Bathroom: I posted about my organized vanity here but I just wanted to share two additions I made that help keep me organized. For any bows or barretts I have I attache them to a piece of ribbon that hangs from the wall. This way I have easy access and they are organized. For claw clips I put them on my hand towel rack.

Clothing Closet: I arrange all my clothing by style and color. So it goes plain t-shirts, dressier t's, tank tops, dresses, sweaters, long sleeves. In winter I will rearrange it so that I have easier access to things I wear often. Instead of using a traditional dresser I use wire mesh baskets . I like having more drawers in less space. I store jeans, sweats, work clothes, tank tops, tights and things like that it them.

 I then use the brown baskets for bras, underwear, socks, belts, gloves and hats. Finally I have a few plastic bins for random things.  I like to keep my shoes organized so I keep the boots on the top shelf, shoes I wear frequently are in a rack on my bathroom door and those that I don't wear go in the sweater rack out of the way. 

Crafts Closet: I am lucky enough to have extra storage space that I can convert into a crafts closet. I organize things by type and put them in cheap plastic bins from the dollar store. I also have a few nicer boxes that I picked up from Michaels that hold things. Can you spot my two upcoming crafts in these photos?

Bookshelf: I read a lot and therefore have a lot of books because of this my bookshelf is often overflowing. I have found that if organize the books by size and then stack some of them I am able to fit a lot more books onto the shelf. It is not an ideal system but until I have more room it will have to do for now. 

Oh and those post its you see on the shelf. I write down things I want to accomplish for the week and when I finish the task I rip it off and through it away! I always fill very accomplished when all of the post its are gone!

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