Monday, April 30, 2012

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

My attempt to get organized in a fun and fashionable way has spread from my home to the office at my internship. I love my internship but I must say things are very chaotic in our office. I attempt to spend a few minutes every day organizing something new.While that is not always possible things are slowly but surely getting better. I have tons of spectacular shelf space that I can take advantage of in my quest to get things neat but the problem is I end up with stacks of stuff on the shelf. Not the most pleasing to the eye. Therefore, I decided to decorate a few different containers to help keep things together.

These boxes are super easy to make. Just take an old cardboard box, cut off the edges and glue scrapbook paper to them. I used Mod Podge  because it is my favorite glue and also holds paper very firmly in place; but you could probably use rubber cement or even just Elmer's School Glue.

After  the success of these boxes I decided to make a few more for my apartment as well as some pen/marker/paintbrush/everything else holder from old beer packaging. I originally saw this idea on pinterest from Cat on a Limb and knew I had to make it. So here is what I did:

Supplies needed are:

Mod Podge, Tape, Paint, Brushes, Paper Cutter, Xacto knife, Sturdy Cardstock, fun printed paper


Cut out all of the outer pieces of paper you will be using

Tape the bottom of the boxes so they' stand sturdy and are easier to work with. My tape got a few bubbles in it but this was the last one I made so I wasn't too worried about it. And you cannot tell anyways.

Paint the inside of the boxes. The color of paint should match what ever color paper you will be using inside as dividers. I also painted any raw edges. The painting does not have to be exact because most of it will be covered up. Wait for it to dry.

Insert cut and folded pieces of cardstock into the carrier. Since I painted the inside of the carrier I only had to use enough to cover the holes in the sides and bottom, So two pieces of card stock divided in to slightly less than thirds. 

Glue the inserts into the box. Then glue your patterned paper to the outside. Finally, take your Xacto knife and trim any edges. 
Voila! Fun recycled caddies!

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