Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Update

What a fun weekend! I worked Friday night, so I decided to take it easy and stay in and read. I am currently in the middle of A Game of Thrones and am utterly addicted. I have been watching the TV series and decided I needed to read the books because I am dying to know what happens next. Definitely a good night end.

Saturday I worked all day but then when out with friends to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Had a little too much fun perhaps. 

And Sunday was your typical lazy day. Sat around the house, ordered in Mexican food, watched Sex and the City, played with the dog, did a little shopping and then a little crafting, curled up by the fire to continue reading and then went to bed.

All in all a spectacular weekend!

Kel and I getting ready to go out for Cinco de Mayo
Nothing like a fire on a rainy sunday

Kingston modeling his new bandana

Current book I am reading (and TV series I am watching

Rowena enjoying having both her Mom and Aunt Kelly at home.

Fun new box I picked up at Michaels!

My other purchases from the weekend. Teal shorts, lace top, striped tied shirt all from T-J-MAX. Fox mini wallet from Target.

Sneak preview of a shoe refurbish.

Another project I am working on.

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