Wednesday, September 26, 2012

She is Too Fond of Books

So this is a project that I have actually had done for several months but never got around to hanging up. Well it is finally mounted on the well and I must say. I'm in love with it. Back in June my best friend from home and I decided it was time to do some book art.

Now, to give you a little insight into our relationship with books. At one point both of us wanted us to be librarians when we grew up, in high school we were often found hanging out in the library just because, we tend to name our pets after literary characters (well Harry Potter ones anyways) and we both have massive book collections considering how often we move.

 Like I said, we really needed some book art. Keeping with the theme, I chose this quote from a Louisa May Alcott book (which like an idiot I misquoted but hey I am only human!) I originally saw the idea on Life as a Thrifter Blog and new I had to recreate it. Since, she does an awesome job showing you how to do it I won't create a new tutorial, instead just tell you how I did mine differently.

First off instead of plywood, I used a canvas. The only problem with this was that it tended to bubble the old book pages. At first this stressed me out a bit but then I decided I actually liked the added texture. Instead of gluing my pages on in an ordinarily manner I did it much more sporatically. Since, I used an old poetry book this worked out better because some pages had more text then others. This way I could cover up blank spaces if necessary.

Finally instead of painting on the quote (I am fairly limited when it comes to those artistic skills) I printed out the quote on card stock paper and glued the letters on. I then did one more layer of Mod Podge to seal everything down.

Heidi's version is much closer to the original, except she used one of those trifold presentation display boards. That way she was able to use the big and little pieces as well. 

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