Thursday, March 26, 2015

Careplane Package

So I am beyond excited about this little gift I pulled together last minute. J.O. is going to Germany for business and I have wanted to sneak something into his carry on for him to find. I have been stumped though about what to do. It can't take up too much room and I wanted it to be useful. Then it hit me... a care package with snacks and drinks for his very long plane ride. But of course it needed a clever name and since care rhymes with air...well you all get it.

This is really easy to put together. I gathered some of his favorite snacks (beef jerky, almonds, chips, reese's cups, and chocolate covered raisins) and repackaged them into sandwich bags. This isn't absolutely necessary but I wanted to package it all in a small box and they wouldn't fit in a their original packages.

I then packaged a selection of his favorite alcoholic beverages in a quart sized bag. This is very important because otherwise they won't be to bring the drinks through security. You should also take into account how many liquids they usually pack with them when they travel. J.O. doesn't usually bring anything so he should be fine, but if they tend to pack lots of bathroom stuff this might not be the best idea....

I added two cards, one with a personal note and another with some "common" German phrases for him to use. And when I say common, they tend to do with Beer drinking since he won't have that much time to actually sight see. Finally, I tied everything together with some ribbon and will sneak it into his bag. I think I might send him a text telling him to check his bag before he goes through security, just in case.

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