Friday, January 27, 2012

Glitter Pumps Round 2

So I am absolutely in love with the glitter pumps I made for New Years Eve. My roommate loved them as well and decided to make a pair of her own but with silver glitter.
Kelly and I rocking our glitter shoes at the Attic on NYE

Heidi (red), Jen (black), Kelly (silver) and me (gold)

While the shoes turned out awesome there are a few kinks to work out. So here is what we learned from trial and error:

By the end of the night the glue was starting to flake off my shoes. I'm assuming because the shoes are leather and didn't have anything to bond on to. Because of this I ended up peeling all the glue off of my shoes and redoing them. To ensure that the glue stays this time I buffed the shoe with sand paper to give it a rough surface to stick to.

Kelly used a larger cut glitter than I did. While the finished product was very glittery it was also a little clumpy. This sized glitter made it very hard to apply to the shoes for some reason. For the new coat of glitter I did the first three coats in the small glitter I originally used and then mixed in a fair amount of a larger cut glitter as well as a small amount of whitish glitter for the final layer. 

Here is the new pair

I think I actually like them even more than the first time. The different sized glitter adds some dimension to the show and also makes them more sparkly! The white glitter really catches the light. Now I need to find some place to wear them!

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