Thursday, January 26, 2012


It seems so surreal to me that I am actually old enough to have friends that are old enough to get married. Over the summer, I was able to travel to Kansas to celebrate the marriage of a good friend of mine from high school Samantha to her husband Brett. Then this month another friend of mine, Annie, got married.

In general, I love weddings, they are so hopeful. I never leave one without believing that someday I will find someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I want give something special to the bride and groom that they can keep for years to come. That is why I decided to start making blankets as their present. The one I made for Sam and Brett can be see here

Here is Annie and Patrick's blanket

Their wedding colors were blue, black and white and I decided to use them for the blanket. The pattern I used was originally for a baby blanket but I add on extra rows to make it big enough for adults. After the the first three sections all have 15 rounds/rows, the 4th has 8 and the last is the border from the pattern. I was originally going to add another word in the 3 section but could never decide what I wanted and then started running out of time. I think it turned out well either way. 

While this looks complex it was surprisingly easy to make. I middle motif was the hardest part and that is only because I am not always the best at counting, therefore, I had to redo parts of it when I messed up. 

Here is the link to blog of the lady who designed the pattern:

and here is her ravelry site where you can buy the actual pattern

Go check it out. She has tons of patterns both free and for sell.

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