Sunday, February 5, 2012

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I admit it. I have a small shopping problem. It's not out of control or anything. I don't spend hours watching the home shopping network or surfing the web or the need to buy something just because it is on sale (although a good sale can be deciding factor if I am on the fence about something). Instead I just enjoy shopping. My particular weaknesses include: clothes, shoes, scarves, books and makeup.

For some reason though I tend to hate thrift store shopping. Actually, I know the reason why I am not very fond of thrift store. My mom used to own one and I worked in it for a couple of summers. Between her thrift store and antique shop my teenage years were overflowing with old, used things. I do like being able to buy things cheap and therefore have decided to give thrifting another chance.

Today I hit up three different stores in Boulder:

The Boulder Humane Society Thrift Store

For a grand total of  42.21 I was able to buy

1 t-shirt
1 silk robe
1 'girls night out' picture frame
1 dog toy
2 champagne flutes
2 DVDs
3 small glass dishes/vases
and 11 books.
I think I did pretty well. The books alone would cost over $150 if I had bought them new.

The dishes/vases are actually my favorite purchase. I'm using them in the hopes of keeping my vanity slightly more organized. They now hold cotton swabs, makeup and makeup brushes.

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