Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bleeding Teal and Glitter

Rowena was not very happy about helping me show off my nails.

I don't often do my nails but when I do they either a basic color or a French manicure. Well I have decided to mix it up a bit. Today, I did a sparkly teal French Manicure. This was incredibly easy to create. I painted my nails a pretty natural looking color. I used  NYC French Manicure 144A Swept Away. It is not the best nail polish but it is all I had on hand.

I, then, took a glitter glue I picked up from Walmart for a dollar and drew the line on the tip of the nail. Make sure you the line goes with the shape of your nail. It should be a nice crescent moon. How thick the line is depends on how long your nails are/how deep your nail beds are. I have short nails but really deep nail beds and can therefore have a little bit larger line.

You don't want to put the glitter glue on too thick. I did two thin layers and then touched up any spots I missed. When the glue is dry use your favorite top coat to finish the look.

The idea to use glitter glue came from Love Maegan, one of my favorite blogs. She uses a collection of different Martha Stewart glitter glues to do all kinds of fun nail tutorials. Go check it out for some inspiration.

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