Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Glitter Paiges

Well everyone, I have officially come up with a new name for this blog. Drum roll please.... 
The Glitter Paiges

I think it is pretty self explanatory, the Paige is in reference to me and the glitter because of my deep love all things glittery/sparkly/shiny! As my roommate and I say: "we have a bad case of glitterhea in our apartment."

In honor of the new name, I decided that I needed to do a glitter project. I have had this one stewing for awhile. A glitter piggy bank! For the last year, I have been keeping all of my spare change in an old water bottle. Not the best looking container.

I bought this ceramic pig at Michaels for $10 and then used the same technique as my glitter pumps (seen here and here) to get him nice and sparkly. Then I simply glued two rhinestones on as the eyes and used puffy paint for the nostrils.

A couple of notes: make sure you take the stopper out of the pig so it doesn't get glued in place but be careful when you put it back in otherwise it could end up inside of the pig. This happened to me and I had to use some material and duct tape to make a new stopper.

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