Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Left My Heart in San Francisco....

After a whirlwind trip, I am back from the Bay area. I had grand ambitions to take tons of pictures with my new iphone, well that definitely did not happen but here are the few that I did take.

This trip has definetly cemented my decision that I want to move out there. It is where I feel I need to be at this point in my life. I have no idea what I will be doing when I get there, however. So by January 2013 (assuming the world hasn't ended) I will be a resident of California!

I have a quick crochet project for you all that I made right before I left for the Bay. And when I say project I really mean a redo of another project I did. This crocheted purse to be exact. I made this bag several months ago and have not been happy with it. It was too stretchy. So I deconstructed the bag and was left with a large crocheted square. Here is how I turned the rectangle into a computer case.

The length of the rectangle was about 3 times that of my computer, so I folded into thirds making sure to leave a few extra inches on one end. Refer to the diagram above. I then crocheted the sides of panel two and panel three together using a single crochet stitch. This is the front of the computer case.

Then single crochet the side of panel 1 to your combined 2 and 3 panels. Essentially you are making a large envelope.

Row 1: On the edge of the flap, half double crochet across 1 time.
Row 2: Ch2 and half double crochet until you are halfway across Ch 2, skip 2 hdc (this is the button hole) and hdc across until end.
Row 3 and 4: Ch 2, Hdc across in each stitch until end. Fasten off.

Attach Button in appropriate spot.

Maybe someday I will go back and actually make one of these form scratch instead of from a project I didn't like. If I do I will actually write out the pattern for every one. Or is someone really wanted me to I could do it anyways. Just ask :)

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